First Friday Walk has a new home

Beginning in May, First Friday (Dog) Walk has a new home, Bayville Farms Park in Virginia Beach. This venue has a number of advantages relative to Shore Drive venue.

  • It’s a city park with a city park’s parking lot.
  • It’s nearer to most of our members
  • It has benches!, rest rooms, and water fountains!
  • It has that most important parks amenity in the South, shade!
  • There are waste bins!
  • It is near the Shore Drive Taste where adult beverages, sandwiches, and gelato may be enjoyed.
  • It has an off-lead dog area available subject to city’s rules

The park has a number of public lawn areas with paths but it also has a nice live oak grove, possibly the largest in the area. A disk golf venue is under the live oaks and the area is relatively free of trip hazards making it a nice place to walk and visit with friends.

As before, we meet at 10:00 AM and set out around 10:10 AM. Meet at the tennis courts. There is a car park at the courts and also benches.

In addition to offering mild exercise, the gathering is an opportunity to visit with fellow ILR members and to meet a greyhound or three. After walk, Taste, where we can share a snack with friends, is just a few minutes away. Taste has a shaded outdoor eating area that is dog friendly. Order inside and eat outside with your pups. Visit the farm market for fresh vegetables in season.