Activate your ProClass account

About online registration accounts

ILR offers online registration to its members using the services of ProClass. ProClass records membership and registration data for us and supports both our traditional mail-in registration process and the new online registration process. Use of online registration is optional and requires that you activate your online account following the instructions below.

Online registration offers the following member advantages

  • When you register for a class, you are guaranteed a seat in the class. ProClass will not offer you a seat in a full class.
  • When a class is canceled, you receive credit that can be applied to future registrations. ProClass tracks credits in its database without the need to write out, mail, and track a credit voucher.
  • You pay for online registrations by credit card without reveling your card number to ILR or ProClass staff. Your card number remains confidential.
  • All identifying data and card numbers retained by ProClass are encrypted at rest. ProClass does not reveal complete card numbers to its staff or to ILR\'s staff.

ProClass Login

Navigating to the ProClass Login Page

Browse to our online registration portal at

Discovering or Recovering Your Password

Discovering or Recovering Your Password

When the office registered your membership, they created an online registration account for you using the Email address you gave on your registration form. To activate you account or to recover a misplaced password, click the “Forgot password” link shown as shown at the left. ProClass will mail recovery link to the Email address registered with your account.

When that Email arrives, click the link to visit our ProClass portal and complete the recovery process.

Discovering or Recovering Your Password

Discovering or Recovering Your Password

When you follow the link, ProClass will allow you to set a new password.

  1. Write down your password, just in case
  2. Enter your new password as written
  3. Confirm your new password as written
  4. Click the submit button
  5. You’ll be asked to log in. Do so.
  6. When login completes, save your new password in browser’s password manager
  7. Feel free to loose or toss out your written down password.