ILR is a Road Scholar Affiliate

Road Scholar

Road Scholar began in 1975, under the name Elderhostel, to offer lifelong learning opportunities for retirees. The mission is to inspire adults to learn, discover, and travel through its programs, trips, and Lifelong Learning Institutes. In fulfillment of its mission, Road Scholar produces adult learning adventure programs offering extraordinary access to areas of interest around the world. Conducted by expert instructors, these trips stimulate discourse and friendships with peoples around the world. Trips provide outstanding access to points of interest, comfortable accommodations, appetizing meals, and excellent value.

Road Scholar values diversity as a dynamic and integral part of a thriving educational community. We strive to embody the rich diversity of our society and welcome all adults to experience the adventure of lifelong learning with us. Road Scholar participants come from all kinds of backgrounds and hail from locations across Canada and the United States.

Road Scholar Institute Network

Road Scholar Institute Network is a nationwide network of institutes like ODU ILR that promote adult lifelong learning by offering short programs such as lectures, field trips, day trips, and short overnight trips.