ILR wesite 3.0

In an effort to provide better member service, ILR is moving its website to the WordPress content management system. The change benefits the members by making the site simpler. Key content is task organized to support membership tasks and registration tasks. The new site also opens the web master and content creator roles to a large audience by using WordPress. Any member maintainging  a personal website at has the skills to be a content author.

Robert Torgler

Robert Torgler attended the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. He filled senior management positions at IBM for over 30 years and was Corporate Vice President prior to retirement. He was a senior docent and lecturer at the Smithsonian Museum of American History and National Archives specializing in the Revolutionary era.

Dave Hamby

Dave Hamby is a modern Merlin hell-bent for glory who shot the works and nothing worked. In his former life, Dave drove submarines, worked for 25 years as a modeling and simulation software engineer developing civilian nuclear power plant software, and for the balance of his career as a modeling and simulation software engineer working on Navy wargaming software. Since retiring, Dave has joined ILR and serves as Communications and Technology Committee chairman and webmaster.