Online Registration

Registration Overview

Our staff uses ProClass to track memberships and class registrations, collect payments and issue refunds, and to notify you about class changes. Each member belongs to an account used for billing and mailing purposes. Each member registers individually for classes selecting registrations for current quarter or coming quarter classes. Once registration selection is complete, the checkout lets you delete unwanted registrations before completing registration and payment. Registration is not complete until you reach the confirmation page.

Note that you have a limited time (one-half hour) to complete registrations. Pending registrations are released one-half hour after they are first picked. We do this to return abandoned reservations to the available registration pool.

If you have activated your registration account, you may begin the registration process by logging in.

Login Controls

Logging in

If you don’t remember your user name or password, follow the “Forgot password” procedure

  1. Browse to ILR'S ProClass Portal
  2. Enter your user name
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click the login button

Select a Quarter

Selecting a Quarter

Select the quarter for which you wish to register. You may register for coming current quarter classes or future quarter classes if registration is open. Choose the quarter from the dropdown and click the search button.

Viewing available classes

Viewing available classes

After you click search, ProClass will return a list of classes having open spots. To register for a class, click its register button.

Selecting attendees

Select account members that will attend

Select the members to be registered for the class and click the Register button. You may register one, two, or more members. 

Search for more or check out?

Continue registering or checkout?

This step gives you the opportunity to add additional registrations or to check out. Click one of the links to proceed.

Pending Registration Review

Review Pending Registrations

This view gives you the opportunity to remove any undesired registrations chosen or to trim your order to satisfy a cost target. To remove an item, click the X at the start of its row in the table. When you are finished editing your selections, you can apply a coupon code by clicking the blue link or proceeding to the payment phase by clicking the continue button.

Purchase Confirmation

Purchase Confirmation

When you complete payment successfully, a purchase confirmation view will appear. ProClass will also Email a confirmation receipt to your account’s Email address.