Communications and Technology Committee

The Communications and Technology Committee (CTC) is a standing committee whose chair is appointed. This committee.

  1. Promotes effective two-way communications between the membership and the Board of Directors and the committees and provide technology support to ILR administration as directed by the Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors establishes a newsletter, The Editor shall be a member of the Committee.
  2. Manages the technology available to the ILR. These responsibilities include keeping the Board of Directors advised of Software and hardware needs, and recommending improvements for the efficiency and maintainability of the resources. The ILR website master shall be a member of the committee. The committee shall advise the Board of Directors on the possible advantages of new, emerging and evolving communications technologies.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the CTC

  • Develops and maintains this web site
  • Provides E-mail service
  • Produces and distributes the newsletter
  • Develops and maintains the membership records system
  • Develops and maintains the course registration system
  • Provides computing equipment and software for use of the office staff
  • Provides computing equipment and software for use of the Treasurer

From time to time, the committee also undertakes short term projects in response to inquiries from the directors or other committees.